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Short Sale Specialist Lancaster

If you’ve been looking for a short sale specialist in Lancaster, your search is finally over. Here at Perez Team Properties, we offer the best service for those looking to sell their homes quickly due to pressure from the bank. We know this can be a stressful time for you and your family. You can move on with your life. Nothing is too challenging for us. When you see what we can do, you won’t be disappointed.

Many agents claim to have short sale experience but have never actually closed a sale. We’re different in that we’ve closed many short sales successfully, allowing homeowners to move on without a foreclosure on their record. Many of our clients purchase a new property in only two years. A short sale can be the most complicated arrangement you ever go through in the real estate world.

We’re here to make it easier. Many agents want you to pay them tons of fees before the bank even approves your short sale. We believe this is selfish and inefficient; that’s why we don’t ask you for a single dime throughout this process. We get paid when your sale closes. Our money comes from the bank, not from you. We won’t take advantage of you, as most other agents will.

We’re by far the best option when you need a short sale specialist in Lancaster. We’ll give you the respect you deserve because we know how stressful this experience can be on homeowners, and we want to make things easier. We won’t give you the run-around or charge you for hidden fees. Let’s set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and get you moving forward.

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