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Sell My Property Fast West Lancaster CA

If your recent internet searches say, “Sell my property fast in West Lancaster, CA,” let us help. Hi, we’re Mick and Julie Perez, real estate agents specializing in residential home sales, valuation, and marketing. We’ll be happy to show you an overview of the steps we’ll take to arrive at a plan for your success. Fortunately, Dolphin Cay is a hot spot with no shortage of demand for suitable housing.

First, we’ll review your home listing on the MLS and review the property inspection and bank appraisal info. Our comparisons to recent sales in your area are much more specific and accurate with the square footage of the home’s interior, exterior, and property underneath it. Next, we need an update about your home’s condition. Spare no details about the degree of rotten wooden beams, leaky plumbing, and other damages.

If you converted a garage into a bedroom or installed a pool, tell us that too. The more detailed, accurate, and specific, the better. We want to assess the damages that prevent banks from making loans to qualified buyers. If we can estimate a repair cost blow the projected sale amount, it’s in your best interest to do these before listing on the MLS. It’s part of how we drive the buyers to you.

So, if you want to quit searching “sell my property fast in West Lancaster, CA,” call today, and we’ll get started. The time we spend discussing this over the phone saves time, money, and grief. The call is free, there’s no obligation, and the information we provide is yours to keep. Once again, Mick and Julie Perez, REALTOR®s. Thanks, we look forward to our chat.

Helpful tips: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/mortgages-real-estate/08/sell-down-market.asp

  • Learn how to “sell my property fast in West Lancaster, CA,” with the help of a team of local real estate professionals specializing in home valuation and marketing.

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